Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sad day in the north

   After a long anticipated wait, finally a Dunstan has made the journey to the 49th state and it could not have come at a better time: my mom was able to witness the first snow in Fairbanks, Alaska and she was here to celebrate my birthday.  Two big milestones that  nobody should celebrate (or cringe) solo.  Only my mom can help organize my house so that I truly have a workout room, help me move large furniture, be my  DD on my birthday night and celebrate with friends from work and have fun at classy establishments like the Boatel, hike 15 miles and see Granite Tors, cook home cooked meals that I can freeze for the long cold winter ahead, take a knitting 101 class with me and show me that she is a knitting whiz, bake boo cookies that we were able to send to Pete, help me decorate my house for fall.   It was a busy, fun week where I am reminded that I have the most amazing family and mom in the world.  Gatsby and I took my mom to the airport last night for the 0130 flight and it was a grave reminder that being in Fairbanks I am more than just a  hop, skip, and jump away.  I am multiple long and tiring flights away from the people I love, and that stinks.  On top of that my mother in-law had knee surgery today (it was arthroscopic and a quick surgery, but still a surgery...) and just another reminder that I am far away and not able to be there for the people who love me most.  While I like Alaska and I have made some great friends here, being this far away is hard, and having my mom leave is another  reminder.  Gatsby and I are going to have a lazy day and feel thankful that we have a wonderful family, and count the days until Thanksgiving when I can be reunited with my family in Dallas, and be one step closer to January and R&R with Pete.